"Bring me some pie."

I'm usually called "Get off this planet."

Hi there! I'm Dannii, only 150 years old grew up in the late 19th century in London and survived till now without any wrinkles. People might be interested to know that I am the secret adopted child of Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie. I have a passion for traveling and exploring and I´m always ready for an adventure.
If you want my help, write to me at 221B Baker Street, London or contact me through John's blog. Interesting cases only please. Allons-y

By the way this is my own Moriarty. It’s official since I now consider him to be my nemesis.


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proof that jeremy renner is actually hawkeye

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Viggo Mortensen’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (x)

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How many operations have you had?   708. Next week its 709 - I’m having my blood bleached. Is that why you wanted a word?

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Come and get your love…

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I'm Not in Love
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6. “I’m Not in Love” Performed by 10cc

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Mind Palace Headcanon // Irene does not have a room or place within Sherlock’s actual Mind Palace. She exists in the surrounding forestry and fields of it, where he retreats if he wishes to think of her.

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benedict cumberbatch doing (6) ice bucket challenge(s)


“She’s done such fabulous work this season which you will see. She’s an absolute pleasure.” - Peter Capaldi on working with Jenna Coleman

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